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49,00 EUR*
Details Structural Alignment: A Graph-Theoretic Approach: A new solution to Structural Alignment Problem

Structural Alignment Structural alignment is the process of finding similarities between a pair of proteins based on their three-dimensional shape. Accurate detection of such similarities could reveal evolutionary relationships and predict the ...

96,95 EUR*
Details Erklärungsansätze regionaler Entwicklung und politisches Handeln: Kritik und regionalökonomische Konsequenzen (Strukturwandel und Strukturpolitik. Structural Change and Structural Policies.)

Warum schrumpft die Wertschöpfung vieler altindustrialisierter und peripherer Regionen? Weshalb können andere Regionen sich dynamisch entwickeln oder aufholen? Welche Rezepte der regionalen Strukturpolitik finden eine solide theoretische Basis und ...

50,92 EUR*
Details Structural Analysis: A Historical Approach

This volume provides a concise, historical review of the methods of structural analysis and design - from Galileo in the seventeenth century, to the present day. Through it, students in structural engineering and professional engineers will gain a ...

61,49 EUR*
Details Plasticity for Structural Engineers (J. Ross Publishing Classics)

This classic comprehensive text addresses the elastic and plastic behavior of general structural elements under combined stress. The topic of structural plasticity is presented in a manner that is simple and concise, encompassing the classical theory ...

63,37 EUR*
Details Longitudinal Structural Equation Modeling (Methodology in the Social Sciences)

Longitudinal Structural Equation Modeling Featuring actual datasets as illustrative examples, this book reveals numerous ways to apply structural equation modeling (SEM) to any repeated-measures study. Initial chapters lay the groundwork for modeling ...

41,02 EUR*
Details Structural Macroeconometrics

"Structural Macroeconometrics" provides a thorough overview and in-depth exploration of methodologies, models, and techniques used to analyze forces shaping national economies. In this thoroughly revised second edition, David DeJong and Chetan Dave ...

147,06 EUR*
Details Macroeconomic and Structural Adjustment Policies in Zimbabwe (International Political Economy Series)

Macroeconomic and Structural Adjustment Policies in Zimbabwe The policy relevant analysis of this volume examines nearly 20 years of Zimbabwe's macroeconomic and structural adjustment experiences since independence. The book covers economic growth ...

79,00 EUR*
Details Protein Structural Domain Boundary Prediction: A Mixture of Experts Approach

Protein Structural Domain Boundary Prediction - A Mixture of Experts Approach The prediction of protein structural domains and their boundaries from amino acid sequence data is an open problem of interest to the bioinformatics community. Determining a ...

9,43 EUR*
Details Empire State Building (Structural Wonders)

Empire State Building Provides an overview of the Empire State Building, discussing topics such as its history, architectural designers, structural aspects, and construction techniques and materials, and describes current careers in architecture and ...

155,95 EUR*
Details Structural Synthesis of Parallel Robots: Part 1: Methodology (Solid Mechanics and Its Applications)

Structural Synthesis of Parallel Robots: Part 1: Methodology (Solid Mechanics and Its Applications #149)

40,93 EUR*
Details Structural Equation Modeling: A Second Course (Quantitative Methods in Education and the Behavioral Science)

Structural Equation Modeling This volume is intended to serve as a didactically-oriented resource covering a broad range of advanced topics often not discussedin introductory courses on structural equation modeling (SEM). Such topics are important in ...

77,52 EUR*
Details BYRNE: STRUCTURAL EQUATION (P) MODELING WITH EQS AND EQSWINDOWS: Basic Concepts, Applications, and Programming

Structural Equation Modeling with EQS and EQS/WINDOWS Designed to help beginners estimate and test structural equation modeling (SEM) using the EQS approach, this book demonstrates a variety of SEM//EQS applications that include both partial factor ...

112,17 EUR*
Details Stanley FatMax Mobile Montagebox "Structural Foam", 113 Liter Ladevolumen, Schwerlasträder, Metallschließen, 1-94-850

Mobile Werkzeugbox FatMax??? "Structural Foam" von Stanley mit der Artikelnummer: 1-94-850 aus der Kategorie: Aufbewahrungslösungen - Mobile Montageboxen bei Stanley mit der EAN: 3253561948503

91,45 EUR*
Details Shape and Layout Optimization of Structural Systems and Optimality Criteria Methods (CISM International Centre for Mechanical Sciences)

Shape and Layout Optimization of Structural Systems and Optimality Criteria Methods This examination of shape and layout optimation for structural design problems also describes new optimality criteria methods which are capable of handling many ...